Saturday, June 23, 2012

somebody graduated...

he wasn't so thrilled about having his picture taken with a cap on.
Ralphy graduated from his class and passed with flying colors. He was so cute and we are so proud.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


oh geez...over a month has gone by...again...since we've updated. life has been great and busy. ralphy  has fully adjusted to being a member of our little family and boy do we love this little guy. he brings so much happiness and extra laughter into our home. we spend lots of time on walks and at the dog park....and at petsmart. he is spoiled :)...and deserves it. we have been taking beginner classes at petsmart and he is passing with flying colors. the instructor has even asked if we have considered training him as a therapy dog. he is doing great with off-leash walking...even though mom is still stressed he is going to run away.

other than ralphy, the dog park, and just plain being outside, we haven't had much exciting news. Greg just started the summer semester and is taking classes online so he can work extra hours. it is nice to have him home more. we went thrift store hunting a few weeks back because i was dying for a new project. the only two things we could find that we wanted was either too expensive, or too big for our apartment. so i talked greg into going to home depot and building from scratch. we're not quite done with it, but we built a blanket chest/future toy chest (not an announcement). this was sparked by the cedar chest that we had found at a consignment shop but they still wanted almost $200 for it. we had a lot of fun building it together. all we have left to do is add hinges, which are sitting on the kitchen counter.
the mostly finished chest
being mischievous
Ralphy after his first haircut...he wasn't super happy about his photo shoot