Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It is official. Our little family of 3 is FINALLY becoming 4. After many months of frustration and questioning if it was possible, those two little pink lines finally showed up. Here is the shortened story,

We had been trying for quite awhile, and I felt as if we had tried EVERY planning method there was. In fact, the month we got pregnant was the month before I was calling the doctor to schedule the specialist. I wasn't ever getting a positive test for ovulation, and was getting very frustrated. Someone I work with had told me to try the "smiley face" ovulation test, and low and behold (whether it was the test or my body just decided to work, I'm not sure), I finally knew my body was working.

The week of Valentine's Day, I had a hunch I was pregnant. I literally just "felt" different. After many negatives in the past, I didn't want to get Greg's hopes up, so I picked up a test on Valentine's Day from the Dollar Store. I took it in the middle of the day and it was a blue test (apparently not as accurate, according to my hours of googling), and there was a VERY faint positive. Rather than get my hopes up, I just ignored it and figured I would give it a few more days.  Saturday, two days after Valentine's, I still "felt" different so I woke up and ran to the store and picked up a few more tests....and they both had those beloved two pink lines :). Being too shocked and excited that it possibly could be true, poor Greg just got a phone call at work instead of me being creative to do something when he got home.  Two days later, I went and bought the digital tests just to make sure. After five tests, I figured it was true.

Probably two weeks after I got a positive, the sickness started. I'm not quite sure how those people on "I didn't know I was pregnant" didn't know.  I only threw up a handful of times, but the nausea was the worst! I kept the nausea at bay if I could gag food down every 1.5-2 hours. I'm pretty sure I kept club crackers and jiff peanut butter in business! I'm just grateful I'm not one of the poor girls who throws up every 2 minutes. After about week 13 I have felt pretty great, just taking it day by day.

Anyway, our little gummy bear is officially due October 28. We are what they call "team green" and are not finding out the gender of our little one. Today we had the anatomy scan and everything is looking great! We feel so grateful, blessed, and SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012....2013. where has the time gone??

Life has been wonderful...and CRAZY! We have had a great start to 2013..and I can't believe we are finished with the first week of February. Where to begin??

We had a friend of ours take some pictures of our little family so Ralphy would be part of the family pictures 

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I cooked my first turkey, a 22 lb'r nonetheless..and we had ONE meals worth of leftovers from work. I felt very accomplished and prepared for many more Thanksgivings to come.

We celebrated our FIRST anniversary. I can't believe it has been a year already. We have grown so much as a couple, and I definitely have grown so much as an individual. I am so grateful for a wonderful loving and patient husband. We celebrated by going to Wolfgang Puck's 560 (which is part of the Dallas skyline) and to see the Broadway production of Jekyll and Hyde. We loved every minute of it!

Early December we drove to Kansas City to have an early Christmas with my parents. We took Greg for some delicious Zarda BBQ and had a grand ol' time spending quality time together. I then went back a week later to spend some time with all the family, as Jamie and her family flew into KC for Christmas.

I flew back the night of the 23rd, worked Christmas Eve, and was surprisingly called off on Christmas Day. Greg, Ralphy, and I started the day opening presents and spent it relaxing and enjoying each others company. Greg and Ralphy got me a Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor and family picture framed with The Family:  A Proclamation to the World. Greg got some new work clothes and Ralphy got some new treats and toys.

We have a new addition to the family. We purchased a Honda Insight the end of December...we still have not named the car...suggestions are welcome.

The biggest news of the last little while is Greg got a promotion at work! He was promoted to a SSS at Bank of America, and just 2 days ago was promoted to a Banker. He is also going to school full-time so his schedule is a little nutty. 

We also moved out of our first married home and moved into our new house. We are renting a cute little cottage and the 3 of us are loving being in a house. We now have a guest bedroom and are welcoming any visitors!